Prices and costs

Prices reflect Skiathos’ status as a popular tourist destination, but still compare favourably with those in many other European countries. 

What will it cost?

What will it cost?

Prices at tavernas and restaurants

In the cheapest tavernas, main dishes start from around 6 euros and the most expensive options can reach about 15-20 in pricier venues.  A grilled meat portion is typically 8 to 10 euros in most tavernas.  Pizzas cost in the realm of 8-12 euros, as do most pasta dishes.  Meat fillets, and fish and seafood options tend to be among the most expensive choices.  Fresh fish is normally sold by the kilo and the standard price per kilo of fresh local fish (such as sea bass, bream or red mullet) is 60 euros (fish eating is a complicated business in Greece, see the ‘restaurants’ section below for more details).  Lobster and other delicacies are more expensive. 

Side dishes, dips, salads and mezhedes (i.e. starters/small tapas-style dishes) range from about 3 euros to 10 euros or even more, depending on the dish and the restaurant.  As a guide, a generous portion of Greek salad will normally cost from 4-6 euros.  Bread is normally brought to the table at a charge of 1-2 euros.

Beer, wine and cocktails

A bottle of beer in a taverna is normally 3-4 euros.  In a bar, a draft or bottled beer is roughly the same as this, although it varies depending on the size of drink and the venue.  In a supermarket, a can or bottle of beer will be less (about 1-2 euros).  A 500 ml carafe of house wine is normally the cheapest wine-drinking option in tavernas, and can be as low as 4 euros.  Bottles of wine in tavernas can range from about 10 euros to 30 or even higher. 

Cocktails are expensive, ranging from about 8 euros to in the region of 15 euros (the bars overlooking the old port are the most expensive, but many have happy hours). 

Coffee and cakes

Sweet pastries and savoury pies (normally cheese or spinach) can be bought at various cafes, stalls and supermarkets.  The price is 1-3 euros and will be more expensive in a cafe. 

Coffee is expensive – a ‘frappe’ (iced instant coffee) is on average 3 euros.  A cappuccino or cold cappuccino will probably be slightly more.  A ‘Hellenikos’ (Greek coffee) may be slightly less.

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