Beautiful monasteries

If you want a break from the beach, Skiathos has some beautiful monasteries inland, which are nice places to walk or drive to. The largest and most famous is Evangelistria, which can be accessed by bus from the main terminal (NB not the main bus along the south coast, a separate timetable is displayed at the terminal), or by driving or walking from Skiathos Town.  The monastery played a significant role in Greece’s battle for independence and is where the Greek flag was first raised.  An interesting selection of musical instruments from around the world are displayed in a museum at the monastery, and there is also a shop (see the ‘shopping’ section above).

Kounistra monastery, notable for its fresco paintings, can be reached by the road going inland from bus stop 18.  The Hidden St John monastery can be reached by footpath from here (see ‘Skiathos secrets’ above).

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